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Our Trainers

Hannah is a master groomer in the making, having won her first Grooming Best in Show (qualifying her for the Mastergroom Invitational) at her second ever grooming competition. Lucky enough to have travelled around the globe visiting countries from Croatia and Poland to the United states preparing dogs for the show ring. Hannah has had the pleasure of grooming show dogs of various breeds from Alaskan Malamutes and Border Collies through to Skye Terriers, English Springer Spaniels and Portugese Water Dogs for prestigious events such as the American Kennel Club's National Dog Show event in Orlando Florida and The World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany to name a few. Hannah is one of those lucky groomers whom after many years in the industry, had the opportunity to work as a groomer overseas in areas such as San Francisco, California. Other than being an award winning groomer and owner of three successful grooming salons around Victoria, Hannah has spent her weekends for almost 25 years showing her multi award winning Border Collies, Standard Poodle and Lowchen. 

   Aside from Hannah's active involvement in the dog world she also has a multitude of qualifications ranging from a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science (Zoology) through to qualifications in Canine Behaviour, Training, Grooming and Nutrition which adds to the wealth of knowledge she is able to impart on her students. 

Hannah has trained 100+ wonderful students across VIC, NSW and the USA, varying from brand new students through to Masters level students. Whether you are fresh into the industry and looking for a teacher who can assist you with techniques and understanding that works for you, or whether you're wishing to fine tune your scissor work one breed at a time or even venture into the art of Hand Stripping or Creative styling, Hannah can assist you in your learning. 

poodle with groomer
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