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Imported Cats & Dogs

Are you importing or have you imported a cat or dog into Australia? Is this pet requiring grooming whilst staying in quarantine? Do you need someone you can trust who is educated and experienced in show grooms of both dogs and cats and will understand and respect your need to save coat at all coats and maintain the condition of the coat so that it is preserved for YOU to groom when the animal is in your care? Or do you need someone who can maintain the trim or upkeep your rolled stripped breed whilst in quarantine? Well you're in the right place! 



About Us

Our head groomer has been in the dog show world for nearly 25 years! The cat show world for 7! With qualifications including a Bachelors Degree in Biological Science majoring in Zoology, Canine Behaviour and Training, Masters Level Dog Grooming & Feline specific Training, there is no limit to the knowledge and experience that she can provide to care for your pet. 


As an owner of coated breeds including the soft silky drop coat of the Lowchen or the huge maintenance of the Standard Poodle or even the varied knowledge of owning Border Collies, we know exactly what it's like to grow that coat, maintain that coat, shape that coat and KEEP that coat. 


With years of experience trained by some of the top all breeds judges and handlers in the world, practising on some of the country's No. 1s for their breed ranking, you can also be assured that the knowledge in maintaining stripped coats of both gundogs and terriers is also high. Whether it be rolling those coats, carding those coats or simply knowing what products to use or not use or which areas of the body you'd like to bathe or leave natural, we can help you! 


But what about the cats? Our head groomer also owns and has exhibited Ragdolls and is fully aware of the risks of incorrect grooming techniques on the changes in coat colour, condition and texture that could ruin your cat for the show ring. She is also fully aware of the importance of keeping those feet hairy! With cat friendly products and feline specific grooming handling techniques, you can also be content knowing your show cat is receiving the royal treatment. 




As groomers and owners of show animals we know that each and every person has their preferred product or that certain breeds or dogs have certain products that work best for them. We have access to a wide range of products within our grooming salons that we can use at your request. And if we don't have the brand or product you want, we can source it prior to your pet's groom. The use of our products is included in the price of the groom. 




As experienced groomers within the Melbourne Quarantine facility, we have seen first hand what equipment is provided and what breeds this would suit. However, we understand the need for certain equipment such as grooming tables, stand dryers, blaster dryers, hand held dryers, stripping knives and so on and can provide this all included in the cost and catered to your breed. We can also provide sanitised and clean grooming tools catered to your breed such as soft pin brushes for those drop coated breeds or slicker brushes and sturdy combs for those thicker or double coated breeds. Any tool or equipment you need to save that coat will be provided all inclusive in the cost. 




Due to the inclusion of most products, equipment and tools we charge per hour for our specialised show grooming. The time does include security check in, room set up, room pack up and cleaning. Please contact us at for a quote for your breed. Multiple dogs do receive a discount due to only requiring one set up and pack up fee. 


References are available upon request. 

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